adj. stupid, foolish; not "cool"

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • dorky — /dawr kee/, adj. dorkier, dorkiest. Slang. stupid, inept, or unfashionable. [DORK + Y1] * * * …   Universalium

  • dork — noun 1》 informal a socially inept person. 2》 N. Amer. vulgar slang a man s penis. Derivatives dorkiness noun dorky adjective (dorkier, dorkiest). Origin 1960s: perh. a var. of dirk, influenced by …   English new terms dictionary

  • dork — UK [dɔː(r)k] / US [dɔrk] noun [countable] Word forms dork : singular dork plural dorks informal an insulting word for someone who you think is stupid because they behave or dress in a way that is not considered fashionable Derived word: dorky… …   English dictionary

  • dork — [dôrk] n. 1. [Vulgar Slang] the penis 2. Slang a person regarded as stupid, foolish, awkward, clumsy, etc. dorky adj. dorkier, dorkiest …   English World dictionary

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